03/02/2022 01:59pm

How to Help with Donations for UKRAINE

The needs for the people of Ukraine are growing at a rapid pace. Currently, there are already more than 2.9 million people in need of assistance. There is great risk of additional suffering both within Ukraine and in those neighboring countries where people may flee for safety.

Bishop Gruss has requested that an emergency special collection be taken for Ukraine in parishes this weekend, March 6, 2022. Checks are to be made payable to the Diocese of Saginaw, with Ukraine written in the memo. The funds will then be sent to CRS and its partners already in Ukraine and bordering countries, ready to provide safe shelter, hot meals, hygiene supplies, fuel to keep warm, transport to safe areas, counseling support and more. For more information or questions, you may contact Maria Coss at 989-797-6646 or mcoss@dioceseofsaginaw.org .