Beaver Campus

St. Valentine Church

On July 1, 2014, St. Anne (Linwood), Sacred Heart (Kawkawlin) and St. Valentine merged forming a new parish, Prince of Peace Parish. St. Valentine Church was designated as a church for occasional use.


Valentine was a priest and bishop of the third century who was dedicated to the care of the persecuted Christians. He was martyred and, on the anniversary of his death, the early Christians honored Valentine by the exchange of written greetings of love and affection. The custom developed into the contemporary custom of exchanging “valentines” with friends and loved ones. His life is tradionally celebrated on Feb 14.


The Beaver area flourished with an influx of Polish immigrant families. On St. Valentine’s Day in 1888, a combination church/school was built on five acres of donated land. In the spring of 1898, a cemetery was established. On Jan. 1, 1908, under the direction of Father Kiminski and Father John D. Kaplanowski, construction of a new church began. Father Kaplanowski was appointed the first pastor and the church was completed in 1909. The church was extensively damaged in 1991 after being hit by a truck, causing a subsequent explosion and fire. On April 6, 1992, ground was broken and the new church was dedicated in February 1993.